Evermix Recovery Mug


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The Evermix Recovery Mug: heroically defending you from hangovers and Monday morning comedowns.

Does everything you'd expect a mug to do. There's not much more to say about it than that. It's a very nice black & white mug with the beautiful Evermix logo proudly emblazened on its chest*.

Put on a mix, put on a kettle, and put up those dancing feet.

Mug size = 8 ounce (of tea or coffee)

*Images are mockups and the logo isn't stretched in real life

Postage & packaging:

UK = £3.50

EUROPE = £5.75

REST OF WORLD = £8.00 (we know... that's a silly amount... it's almost the same cost as the mug... but that's just what it costs us, sorry)